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Bistro Christophe Review, Bruges

Dining at Bistro Christophe in Burges

Bistro Christophe is a small restaurant serving a combination of Flemish seasonal dishes and French bistro favourites.

Arriving in Bruges and feeling exhausted from the very early morning start, we had little enthusiasm for going out anywhere special for dinner, let alone searching for a suitable restaurant.

A recommendation from a fellow foodie
We asked our friend and host, Chantal Lowyk – the owner of the Woodlands PediSpa and the House of Friends) for a recommendation for dinner – knowing full well she would know where the best eateries are in Bruges.

Chantal gave us suggestions for two local restaurants and reserved us a table at Bistro Christophe located nearby on Garenmarkt 34.

After a few wrong turns, we finally find this ‘jewel in the city’.  The bistro is full to bursting with a warm and friendly atmosphere permeating the stylish but simple dining room.

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Bistro Christophe – upmarket style with a classic menu

Bistro Christophe is a little more ‘up-market’ thanBistro Christophe we had intended this first night in the city but as we feast our eyes on the delicacies that are offered on the menu, it was clear we have made the right decision by coming here.

Mmm… so much to choose from within the pages of the mouth-watering menu, and as we watch the waiters deliver freshly cooked delights from the kitchen to their respective tables I realise just how hungry I am.

After much deliberation, we choose Stuffed Tomato Salad with an abundance of Fresh Shrimp from Zeebrugge, and Cheese Croquettes (these we share), followed by Chateaubriand (for 2) with french fries, salad and pepper sauce.

Local delicacies are a good start

Bistro Christophe's selection of appetisers are fantastic – the Zeebrugge fresh shrimp must be the smallest things in the shrimp family? They are delicious in their light sauce stuffed inside a juicy tomato, on a bed of lettuce. Wow, my taste buds are enjoying this superb appetiser.

Croquettes are a Bruges favourite

My partner chooses the cheese croquettes, knowing they are a tradition in Bruges. They are full of tasty cheese with the perfect consistency packed inside a crispy breadcrumb jacket – YUM!

Now I’m sitting here wondering how on earth I’m going to fit in the Chateaubriand!  After all, this is is my introduction to this famous dish. My partner has for some time been holding forth about the excellence of this prime piece of meat. I am intrigued to find out if it is as good as they say.

A Chateaubriand to end them all

Chateaubriand, in fact, does not refer to the cut of meat (as some assume) – it is the particular way in how the meat is cooked. It is said that the dish was created by the personal French chef of Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand (1768-1848), French author and politician who was a connoisseur of good food – hence the name!

Whilst we are waiting for the main course we enjoy the relaxed vibe of bistro Christophe, watching as diners enjoy the exquisite food and wine, and of course great company.

The Chateaubriand is a centrepiece  in its own right

Finally, the ‘piece de resistance’ arrives. It’s the most delicious and tender piece of meat I have ever tasted, and it’s being devoured with relish by both my partner and me – it’s melting in my mouth!  

The delicate flavour of the pepper sauce accompanies the tenderloin, along with Belgian fries and a green salad.  Since the meat is so rich there is little need for much else on the plate.  Now I see what all the fuss has been about…. I’m now a Chateaubriand devotee!

I can’t say enough good things about Bistro Christophe.  The staff are welcoming and helpful in recommending the various dishes on the menu – these people – these people know what they are doing and how to cook

Simple, yet tasteful decor at Bistro Christophe

As noted before, the bistro is simple and decorated with stunning fresh flower arrangements. Framed artwork adorns the walls with tasteful objet d’art smattered throughout the dining room – nothing ostentatious, – style and elegance.

Next time you find yourself in the beautiful city of Bruges I highly recommend you drop by Bistro Christophe to enjoy the cuisine and ambience of this very special little gem in the city.

How to find Bistro Christophe

The restaurant is fairly central and about a 10-minute walk from the main market square (Burges Markt).

Bistro Christophe
Garenmarkt 34,
8000 Bruges, Belgium
Tel: +32 50 34 48 92

After-dinner drinks?

Feel like an after-dinner drink?  A short walk from Bistro Christophe, past the canal will bring you to Wijnbar Est, a lovely wine bar with a great selection of wines.



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