Cafe Bustelo Review – a Cup of Nostalgia

Last updated on March 17th, 2020 at 12:36 pm

Café Bustelo on the breakfast table
Café Bustelo on the breakfast table

Recently I received a 10oz can of Cafe Bustelo espresso ground coffee to try.

The last time I had tried Cafe Bustelo was in the USA (I lived there for several years before coming home to the UK) where I occasionally drank it.

I can’t say that Cafe Bustelo was one of my favourite tasting coffees. Nevertheless, I was eager to give it another try in the comfort of my own home and back on home soil.

Cafe Bustelo with a cafetiere

I prepared the coffee in my preferred way using a glass cafetiere (sometimes a Moka pot -Cafe Bustelo grounds are good enough to use this method) a brief stir then I let sit for a few minutes.

The coffee produced a nice medium-dark looking cup of java.

A nostalgic trip down memory lane

This time, the coffee tasted much better, however, it brought back the memory of an earthy dark bitter taste. It’s not unpleasant and after a short while, you get used to it. I did have that slightly nostalgic feel when you hear a piece of music or taste something sweet that jogs your memory.

Currently, I'm into illy coffee

However, I feel there are much better off-the-shelf coffees on the market and when I'm not indulging in a flat-white at the local artisan coffee shop near me, then at home I'm enjoying a combination of illy classic medium roast and I mix in some illy dark roasted into the classic. (4 spoons of illy medium and 1 spoon of Illy dark).

Where to Buy Cafe Bustelo in the UK

Looking to try Cafe Bustelo in the UK? I have found that Amazon has the best prices and the following sellers have been reliably consistent.

What does Café Bustelo taste like?

It's an acquired taste and for many of its fans a nostalgic trip down memory lane, for others it is part of their lifestyle. It’s has a dark, earthy taste with a medium aroma. For those that want to try an original style Cuban espresso then you will appreciate this coffee.

Find out more about Cafe Bustelo here >>


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