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Welcome to SearchGo literature category. You will find journal and book reviews from various authors on a wide range of subjects from non-fiction to fiction. Spark your imagination!

Denise MIna

Garnethill Trilogy

While we're on the subject of mysteries, I see the latest book by Scottish crime writer Denise Mina, just hit the shelves
Emile Zola

The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece set off a few shockwaves, not just among literary critics who loved to grouse about Zola's gritty and extreme approach to realism
CJ Sansom


Sovereign, by C. J. Sansom, is the third book in a series featuring lawyer Matthew Shardlake and his trusted clerk, Jack Barak
Elizabeth Taylor, author

Angel in Distress

Angel will leave you wondering whether to laugh or cry for Angelica Deverell, who's so much the centre of this novel, I promise she'll redefine your notion of self-centeredness.
Alison Weir

The Lady Elizabeth

The Lady Elizabeth is the second book by Alison Weir and she shows a knack for balancing dramatisation with detail.
Zoe Heller

What Was She Thinking?

What Was She Thinking? is narrated by a spinster history teacher who befriends a new colleague who winds up shagging one of her students
Alan Bennett

The Uncommon Reader

Alan Bennett's The Uncommon Reader is a clever turn of the ages-old idea that if you want to keep your subjects in line, keep them in the dark.
Daphne du Maurier


Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again... You might recognize those haunting first lines from Daphne du Maurier's gothic suspense chiller, Rebecca.
Michelle Knudsen

Library Lion

Library Lion is an excellent children's book written by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
Vladimir Nabokov

The Luzhin Defense

I know, I know. I promised to write from London and did not. Then I thought I'd pick up with my blog the...
Jan Pienkowski

The Fairy Tales

The Fairy Tales are also appropriate, despite their darker elements, for children who have perhaps overindulged on the sugar-coated Disney versions
Arnold Lobel

The Adventures of Frog and Toad

Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad Are Friends, published in 1970, is the first in a series of four books about these two famous friends
Wilkie Collins

The Moonstone

The Moonstone is a very long tale about a precious gem stolen from the brow of a Hindu deity that wreaks havoc on an English family
Elizabeth Taylor, author


Blaming by Elizabeth Taylor is the story of an unlikely friendship that forms between Amy, an Englishwoman, and Martha, an American