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Marrush Lebanese Restaurant, Puerto Banus

Marrush Restaurant in Puerto Banus, Marbella

On a recent weekend break to Puerto Banus and while looking for a place to eat. I was fortunate to find this little gem of an eatery – Marrush Lebanese restaurant in which I dined twice.

Dining requirements
There are a few requisites to a good meal – the food, atmosphere, wine menu, and dinner companion. While the Marrush Restaurant scored high on reasonably priced good food, the wine menu was limited, I was fortunate enough to be joined by a friend Raffaele Beckett, an adventurer of sorts who kept the conversation flowing with stories how his candle factory burnt down, how some shady carpet merchants tried to drug him India while he beat a hasty retreat through a crowded market that broke into pandemonium, this all made for vibrant conversation and a good feast.

Marrus Lebanese restaurant is a hidden gem in an otherwise commercial port city

Lebanese mezze at Marrush restaurant The Marrush Restaurant also offers outdoor seating with a pleasant small-town atmosphere with decor that was a cross between Middle Eastern and Spain.

Order a combination of Lebanese starters

We ordered a variety of dishes (as one should when eating Middle Eastern food) that included sambousek, hummus, fattoush, tabbouleh, cheese arayes, and Mashawi (chicken, and lamb cubes).

We were pleasantly pleased with everything we ate and the grilled lamb and chicken was subtly spiced with local herbs and very tender.

I would recommend Marrush restaurant for good value for money – especially in a city that is in most cases bordering on the ridiculously overpriced.

Marrush Lebanese Restaurant
Av. Julio Iglesias, 9, Puerto Banús
Tel.: + 34 952 814 819
Web: www.marrush.com



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