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Securing Your Home With Automated Electric Gates

Automated electric gates

When looking for electric gates for your home or business there are several factors to consider, not only from the security point of view but also from the practicality standpoint.

Considerations When Choosing Electric Gates

Whether you are considering sliding electric gates or swing electric gates, the decision will be dependent upon the space available within the entrance and driveway where you wish to make the installation. You will also want to take into account the presence of young children, or an unruly pet, for the security factor involves not only monitoring those leaving and entering the home but also making sure your loved ones on the inside will not be injured by heavy electronic gates that are inappropriate for the size of the property.

Home monitoring systems

When installing sliding electric gates recently a friend told me he decided on a state-of-the-art video intercom system for monitoring and controlling access to his residence, expressing, ‘It does allow one complete privacy and a feeling of total safety in one’s own home’.

Video Intercom Smart Systems Add an Extra Layer of Security

Video intercom systems currently on the market are now available in colour and are offered in either video monitor and keypad combinations or video monitor and wired/wireless handset system, allowing for ease of use from anywhere in the house. Most good systems will be able to be controlled and monitored via a mobile smartphone

Wireless smart monitoring systems

Wireless intercoms are becoming ever-popular with the fast-paced lives that we live these days.  We want a quick response, and one-button actions to make the job as simple and efficient as possible. Systems such as Google Nest Hubs which include their screen-based versions Google Nest Hub Max and Google Home Hub can be configured to monitor your home while you are away and the added convenience of having a smart-home system.

Seek a Professional Electric Gates Installation Specialist

When purchasing and installing electric gate kits, or garage door automation kits you must consult with a professional electronic gate specialist who will walk you through the process of what is required from start to finish, for if you make the wrong decision through lack of information, these heavy-duty devices could seriously harm you, a loved one, or unsuspecting visitors.

Types of Electric Gates

Security systems are not just for your home, but also a business necessity.  Many farmers utilise the ‘wheel system', a single gate that opens and closes faster than traditional systems, and also on the market are underground electric gates that property developers are so fond of.

A few factors to consider before you make your decision to purchase electric gates:

  • Security and Safety
  • Type of gate – Wooden, Wrought Iron or Metal
  • Design and Colour
  • Consultation with a professional, and
  • Cost and installation

The security of your home or business is an important one so take your time and review all the information, only then you can make a wise and appropriate choice.



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