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A Guide to Cosmetic and Perfume Carton Overwrapping

Overwrapped Perfume cartons for presentation purposes
Overwrapping mimics ‘a wrapped by hand’ look, and ensures a snug fit around the perfume carton.

In the competitive world of cosmetics and perfume packaging, every detail matters. Manufacturers strive to captivate consumers not just with the product itself but with its presentation. This guide provides an overview of cosmetics overwrapping, which is essential for brands aiming to stand out in these lucrative markets.

“selling the sizzle and not the sausage”

The packaging process for the cosmetics and perfume industry is of extreme importance. Never before has the phrase “selling the sizzle and not the sausage” been more apt when applied to differentiate between cosmetic and perfume brands' packaging and the product. With cosmetics and perfumes being high-value items, consumers often rely on packaging to gauge the quality and efficacy of the product. Thus, the packaging journey—from material quality and unique design to flawless presentation—is critical in capturing consumer interest and trust.

The Role of Carton Overwrapping

The overwrap on a carton serves a triple purpose. Firstly, it ensures tamper evidence, safeguarding against product substitution or theft. Secondly, it shields the carton from dirt or dust, maintaining product integrity. Lastly, perhaps most significantly, it enhances the product's allure by presenting it in a pristine, gift-wrapped presentation.

Optional shrink wrapping

While shrink wrapping is an option, its finished pack quality often falls short due to seal formation issues. Some manufacturers opt for high-quality flow wrap with printed film, offering an attractive presentation but obscuring the product inside. However, the preferred method for perfume and cosmetic carton wrapping is overwrapping.

The Anatomy of High-Quality Overwrapping

Overwrapping mimics ‘a wrapped by hand’ look and feel, and ensures a snug fit around the carton. Typically, a thick and lustrous 32-micron polypropylene film minimises shrinkage during heat sealing. The key lies in creating “diamond point” or “envelope” end folds, where the film is folded to a precise point before heat sealing.

Achieving wrinkle-free end folds depends on precise sealing at the fold tips. Adjustable end fold pads help attain the desired sealing shape—be it a dot, bar, or spot seal. Positioning the spot seal accurately is critical, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the meeting point of the two folds.

“Overwrapping mimics ‘a wrapped by hand’ look and feel”

Precision in Placement and Sealing in Cosmetics Packaging

Many wrapping machines offer a product indexing system, mechanically propelling the carton through the machine during end fold formation. This ensures accurate positioning, even with irregularly shaped cartons. Additionally, attention to the “drop” of the film—its crispness and alignment with the top and bottom faces of the end fold—is imperative for a flawless finish.

Lateral seal placement, typically on the trailing edge of the carton, should offer flexibility to achieve the desired appearance. However, some cosmetics packaging machines limit users to positioning the lateral seal in the middle of the box, potentially compromising aesthetics.

Preserving Presentation Integrity

During the wrapping process, the wrapping machine must refrain from scratching or marking the carton or film. Coating all product contact parts with a flock or felt-based surface treatment ensures gentle handling, preserving the pristine presentation essential in the cosmetics and perfume industry.

Advancing Sustainability: An' Eco-Conscious Approach to Perfume Box Overwrapping

In response to growing environmental concerns, the cosmetics industry is increasingly embracing eco-friendly packaging solutions. Companies like Marden Edwards lead the way by manufacturing wrapping machinery capable of overwrapping cosmetics and perfume boxes with sustainable materials. These innovative machines are equipped to handle a range of eco-friendly options, including Recyclable BOPP Film, Biodegradable BOPLA Film, and Biodegradable Paper. By incorporating these ‘green' materials into their packaging processes, brands can not only reduce their environmental footprint but also appeal to eco-conscious consumers. With this type of cutting-edge technology, the transition to sustainable packaging is both seamless and impactful, contributing to a greener future for the industry.

In these industries, perception is reality, and packaging plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer perceptions. Therefore, cosmetics packaging must mirror the excellence of the product it contains, reinforcing the importance of impeccable presentation in leaving a lasting impression on discerning consumers.

Jeremy Marden – is a director at Marden Edwards Limited, a company that designs and manufactures overwrapping and packaging machinery for B2B and capital goods.

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