Packaging Designed With Consideration for the Environment


Packaging machineThe environment has been taking a severe beating from industry and the products it produces for years now, and though there is concern shown by manufacturers and the general public alike, is anything really being done to address the ongoing, ever-growing negative impact packaging has on the environment?

Do we need the additional ‘fluff' of packaging?

Product Packaging is big business and essential not only for the stabilisation and protection of products during transportation but also to increase the marketability and appeal of a product to the consumer.  But think for a minute, if we wish to save our planet do we need the additional marketing fluff that, let’s be honest, is rarely surveyed and once opened goes directly into the garbage disposal?

There has to be an alternative to NON-recyclable packaging, for once materials like plastic packaging are discarded, they end up in a landfill somewhere not too far from civilisation with thousands of other equally damaging waste products,  quietly seeping toxins into the earth for eternity.

Searching for a greener and eco-friendly way to package products

Overwrapping and packaging companies like Marden Edwards are playing an innovative and valuable role in creating advances in sustainable packaging.  They admit though that this is not a problem that can be solved overnight but with continued focus and action, are taking steps in the right direction when considering packaging and the environment that is in much need of protection.  With continued effort, they are working with their clients to assist in finding an eco-friendly way to wrap products as well as finding the most cost-effective way of doing so.

It is obvious that if we utilise reusable, recyclable materials that can easily be integrated back into the environment, then we will be helping to minimise our environmental footprint.

Another packaging alternative for mid-value products could be to dispense with the non-recyclable difficult to open packaging and instead employ the use of security tags which could be embedded into the product during manufacturing.

Sustainable packaging options

Research shows that manufacturing companies large and small are considering the impact of packaging and the environment and see the need for sustainable packaging options.  A major worldwide corporation announced this week of its intention to halve its impact on the environment by 2020 by increasing the use of refillable products, eliminating the use of PVC (where alternatives are possible), and also to build new factories that produce half the waste of those they currently in use.  These are all positive steps that hopefully other corporations and organisations will embrace to assist the environment in getting back to a balanced state of being.

In the long run, choosing environmentally friendly products over low-cost alternatives has to be the only option for the planet to survive.  Perhaps if the major corporations and organisations of the world could agree to stop using harmful, non-recyclable materials like plastic, then we could begin reversing the process of global warming and know that future generations will still have a beautiful planet to live on.

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  1. Why not move to paper packaging. Surely packaging companies must have come up with a way to make the paper durable to packaging products. It would be a lot more ‘eco-friendly’ and environmentally sounds to do this? You could work with product company to design the paper with the companies brand and basically mimicking whats on the carton inside.

    I only have to look at our local landfill to see the waste.

    • Hi ‘Watching the world’
      It’s a little more complex as there are considerations that are taken into account – durability which is a key component here – environmental considerations – paper comes from trees which in turn defeats the purpose and dare I say would contribute to global warming ie deforestation transport of the pulp/paper etc.


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