How to Play BOTB and Increase Your Chance of Winning

Last updated on September 28th, 2020 at 09:09 pm

Win a car on BOTB like this Porsche Taycan EV

BOTB is an online competition where members play ‘spot-the-ball' to win top-tier prizes that include luxury cars, vans, and trucks. We show you how to play and increase your odds of winning BOTB

Win a dream car of your choice

We've seen them on TV, in ads in luxury magazines, for many of us, owning a supercar has only been a dream – up to now! 

The folk at BOTB have created a competition where you can win a car of your dreams, whether it's a Bentley Bentayga, McLaren 540cc, or maybe a Volkswagen California Ocean camper van. If these or any of the 200 top-spec autos they have in their line-up take your fancy, then read on.

What is BOTB, and when did it start?

‘Best of the Best' aka BOTB is a British company founded in 1999 by William Hindmarch. It started on small retail stands located at airports including Heathrow and Gatwick.  Since then, the company has expanded its retail outlets into shopping centres, events and festivals, and online.

Where is BOTB located?

BOTB is based in London, UK. However, the game is played from most locations in the world with players worldwide having an equal chance to win a top prize at BOTB.

How much does it cost to play BOTB spot-the-ball?

There is no set cost to play the BOTB Dream Car competition as it largely depends on the type of car or vehicle you want to win. If you're going to play for one of the supercars, then you would be paying more per ticket as opposed to other cars in the BOTB line up that starts at 85p. 

As an example, the pricing for tickets of these cars (current March 2020) are:

Bentley Continental GT W12 – £7.80

Aston Martin DBX – £7.55

Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale – £5.25

Audi ABT Q8 – £4.00

Jaguar I-Pace HSE – £3.60

Alfa Romeo StelvioQuadrifoglio – £3.40

Pay the extra for the £20,000 + free fuel for a year
BOTB offers players the chance to win £20,000 plus free fuel for a year when you buy an entry into the competition to win a car. The price is an extra 95p per ticket. We strongly suggest you take that offer – if you won your chosen car and did not buy the ticket then you would probably be kicking yourself very hard.

Discounts on multiple tickets

If you buy multiple tickets to play on BOTB – then you are eligible for a discount. Buy five entries and receive 5+ pricing and Buy ten more and get 10+ pricing credit.

BOTB spot the ball competition

Tips for increasing your chances of winning a car on BOTB

BOTB is relatively easy to play; it requires a good eye and a little skill. See our following tips to increase your chances of winning a BOTB car.

    1. Choose the car(s) you want to win – maybe a high-end sports car or an EV like a Tesla. I always choose a combination of the featured sale cars, and cars I am watching in my saved items list.
    2. Choose how many tickets you want to play. The more tickets you buy, the more it increases your chances of winning BOTB (plus the discount as mentioned earlier) – set yourself a reasonable budget.
    3. Don't forget to pay the extra 95p per ticket to further win free fuel for a year and £20,000 cash.
    4. Play the game – spot the ball – each ticket you purchase gives you one play. The more entries you have increases your chances of winning. 
    5. Click and place your ‘X' mark where you think the centre of the ball is.
        1. Look carefully at the player's movements and line of sight.
        2. Using the line tool, draw a line to where you think the centre of the ball is.
        3. Look at the other prominent player's movement and line of sight and draw the second line to the centre of the ball. (Do the lines converge to where you think the ball is?).
        4. How I play – I first of all guess by sight where I believe the centre of the ball is. I then place a couple of marks closely to each other on that spot. I then use the line tools to follow the movements of the players as mentioned above – if they are also near to my original guesstimate, I will add several more marks on and around that same area.

    6. Place your other ‘X' marks closely together around the first mark this increases the odds of you winning or at the least winning game credit.
    7. Don't exceed your budget – there is always next week.

How is BOTB judged?

Judging for the BOTB spot-the-ball competition is Monday after the end of the previous week's game.

Who are the BOTB judges?

The BOTB judges form an expert panel, most of the judges are former professional referees and sometimes actual pro football players.

The judges choose the winner by determining the closest mark to the centre of the ball. Once the judges agree on that spot, the player who has the nearest mark to the judges choice will be the winner.

When are BOTB winners announced?

Winners of the spot the ball Dream Car competition are notified (or surprised in person) on Tuesday. BOTB team members will contact the winner's chosen contact from their ‘surprise details.' 

BOTB Supercharged Club

Members of the Supercharged Club fall into one of 3 tiers – Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Qualification for the tier levels is dependant on the amount of money spent on the BOTB spot-the-ball competition.

A player can qualify for a tier by playing the ‘win a car' competition regularly. The more you play and how much you spend will determine which level you are assigned.

Supercharged club benefits

Bronze tier – 1 x free Superdrive's competition entry. £10.00 refer-a-friend credit. One free Bronze car ticket (every week) to play in the BOTB competition. Plus, £10.00 credit for the closest entry per prize in the Dream Car Competition.

Silver tier – 2 x free Superdrive's Competition entries. £12.50 refer-a-friend credit. One free Silver car ticket (every week) to play in the competition. Plus, £20.00 credit for the closest entry per prize in the win a car Competition.

Gold tier – 3 x free Superdrive's Competition entries. £15.00 refer-a-friend credit. One free Gold car ticket (every week) to play in the BOTB Dream Car competition. Plus, £30.00 credit for the closest entry per prize in the win a car Competition.

Keep it fun

Playing ‘Best of the Best' competition should be fun. If you feel like your no longer enjoying the game, then take a break. However, when you do win BOTB the rewards of driving that Aston Martin DBX will far outweigh any doubts.

Keeping checking back as we update this page with more tips on how to win a car on BOTB

Good luck!



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