EU Suit Lapel Friendship Pins


EU UK friendship flag

Now the United Kingdom has formally left the European Union. It is time to celebrate our past relationship with an EU suit lapel pin and friendship dress pin.

Show your support for the EU and Britain with a lapel pin

It's never too late to say ‘I love you' or ‘still thinking of you' – no, seriously. jokes aside. The UK left the EU (Brexit) if there had been another vote it would have probably gone the other way when the UK population realised what was at stake, or not!

Nevertheless, whether you're looking forward to a future deal, looking back on what ‘once was' or just want to show your true feelings. These EU suit lapel pins and badges are perfect for making a subtle statement.

EU badges, stickers, dress pins, and other pro-European accessories

The following EU accessories are a roundup of the best picks for EU accessories and tie pins. Say it with pride and choose one of the following EU suit lapel pins to make your statement:

The following are all available from various sellers at Amazon – some with Amazon Prime and others direct mail.

EU tie pin

United Kingdom Union Jack and European Union EU friendship flag pin

Painted metal badge with button pin and clip. 12mm x 10mm and perfect for suits, dresses, and coats from Amazon:

EU UK cufflinks

European Union friendship flag cufflinks

Made with stainless steel and enamel, these friendship cufflinks come as a pair with one Ucufflink painted with the Union Jack flag and the other with the flag of the European Union.

European Union flag tie and dress pin

EU suit lapel pin

The EU flag lapel is made from high-quality hardened enamel with a pin fastening and comes in a variety of sizes. Choose your perfect badge!

EU UK friendship car bumper stickers

EU-UK Union Jack vinyl car bumper bike helmet stickers x4

Nice pack of 4 x European Union and Union Jack car bumper stickers that work perfectly on flight cases, bike helmets, skateboards, laptops etc. Each one measures 2″ x 2″ and is laminated for extra protection.

Even though this is a highly contentious and controversial subject there is nothing like making your feelings known with an EU UK friendship badge that pretty much says it all.


  1. I purchased the keyring last week. It’s quite nice looking. My only advice would be to superglue immediately the keyring European Union sticker as it could be peeled off accidentally by picking at it absentmindedly 🙂

    • Apologies Janis, this comment must have slipped through the cracks. I had the keyring and lost my keys a while back. However, I still have the lapel pin. At this point ti seems like wishful thinking we will ever get back into the EU.


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