The World’s Internet Speeds

Last updated on March 3rd, 2020 at 12:38 pm

Global Internet speeds

Internet speeds vary hugely across the globe, but perhaps not quite as one might expect. According to broadband network analyses company Ookla, global average download speeds sit at around 22Mbps per second, with the highest average broadband speeds approximately 64Mbps.

Which country has the fastest Internet speeds?

It was as recent as 2008 that the average consumer in Britain could only imagine speedier and smoother download speeds, let alone streaming video and TV shows into their living rooms.

The country that tops the list for the fastest broadband speed is South Korea, followed by Norway and Sweden respectively. South Korea averages about 28Mbps. Other high performers are Hong Kong, Switzerland and Japan.

Superpower speeds

So, how do the world's superpowers fair when it comes to broadband speeds? according to the regularly updated Wikipedia page on Internet connection speeds, the United States and China were doing reasonably well, with the USA connection speeds about 19Mbps and China approximately 17Mbps. Russia did not fare so well with an average Internet download speed of 11Mbps.

Slowest Internet connection speeds

At the other end of the scale, it's probably less of a shock to see countries in Africa and parts of South America with speeds between 1Mbps to 4Mbps. War-torn Yemen sees average speeds of under 1Mbps, which anyone who lived with dialup connection for several years will most definitely emphasise with.

Internet speeds in the UK

Nowadays consumers in the UK are seeing faster broadband speeds, albeit still lagging behind other European countries. Companies such as BT are rolling out (albeit slowly) high-speed Ultrafast fibre technology that is claimed to reach speeds between 100Mbps and 150Mbps.

We'll update this article as new speeds become available and in the near future with mobile speeds too.



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