Needful Things in Tech

Last updated on December 8th, 2020 at 01:41 pm

A list of techy needful things that we love and feel are useful for work, home and computing!  All of these items have been tested by us.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45mm

One of the most advanced consumer watches currently on the market and available in Mystic Black or Mystic Silver for the 45mm version.  There is a choice of either Bluetooth or 4G in the UK. However, the Bluetooth Samsung Watch 3 is cheaper than it's 4G (LTE) counterpart which utilises much more battery power and if you carry your mobile phone all the time then you don't need the 4G version.

Purchase Galaxy Watch3 directly from Samsung

Keep in mind that the 4G version also has Bluetooth, so you could go with the best of both worlds and turn of 4G when near to your phone to save battery life.

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy Watch3

The Galaxy Watch 3 best buy is from the source; Samsung UK. There if you will receive up to £50 cashback and receive a diwc0unt if you turn in your older Galaxy Watch or a Fitbit Ionic.

Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard (UK)

Apple Wireless Keyboard space grey

The space grey version of the Apple Magic keyboard (British English) is a solid build. We paired it with a Macbook Pro and it works pretty much flawlessly without any lag that can affect typing on many wireless keyboards.

The Apple Magic Keyboard is aesthetically pleasing (which one would expect from Apple) and comes in space grey and matches Apple's modern colour set for many of its products and connects via Bluetooth (for wireless) or has via a USB lightning cable.

Where to buy Apple Magic wireless keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard is available from John Lewis



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