Review: Tanfastic, An Intimate Female Waxing


Tanfastic female waxingIt’s been 2 months since my last wax – unbelievable and most unlike me but I have just returned from living in the States for the past 20 years and have been trying to find the right person for the job!  Searching for a female waxing in Bournemouth became a priority for me and I can now say I have absolutely found the most perfect waxing specialist, Nancy Mayne of Tanfastic.

Bournemouth location for female waxing

Nancy works from her professionally equipped home based salon located in Branksome covering the Poole and Bournemouth area and offers male and female waxing, as well as spray tan services to her clientele.

Upon arrival for my first appointment last week I was greeted with a warm smile and friendly professional manner by Nancy.  We made our way upstairs to her well-organized, very clean and comfortable salon.  Nancy and I discussed the type of intimate wax treatment I required and then it was time to get started.  The wax was already hot and thus I removed my panties and climbed up onto the waxing table.

Nancy at Tanfastic brings new meaning to the word smooth

Brazilian wax

I had decided upon a Brazilian bikini wax, that’s everything off (front, back and everything in between) leaving just a short, thin ‘landing strip’ at the front – very neat and tidy.

Bikini wax procedure

Nancy smoothed on the hot wax (Perron Rigot, from Paris) to cover the hair and skin in the appropriate area – starting with the back, then underneath, .and finally the front.   The wax is then left to harden, not completely but so that the hairs are stuck to the wax allowing for easy removal.  The wax is still warm and pliable when it is removed.

Final results for this female waxing session

OK … deep breath … close your eyes and concentrate … then, with a short sharp pull, the wax along with any hair growth is removed, right down to the hair follicle. I have to say this is the least painful wax treatment I have experienced.   This is due in part to the type of wax used, but also to Nancy’s expertise.  It is clear that Nancy definitely knows what she is doing and thus I would highly recommend her services to anyone, male or female.

T: 07761 624451

tanfastic-female-waxing-reviewNancy at Tanfastic brings new meaning to the word smooth


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