Anti-Brexit Campaigners Take Over Brexit Party New Website

Last updated on March 12th, 2020 at 12:08 pm

No Brexit Party logoAnti-Brexit activists are cybersquatting on Nigel Farage's new Brexit party website after the former UKIP leader failed to register the domain name.

The pro-European group Led by Donkeys set up its own webpage No Brexit Party on the domain

On the new website, there is a message that says:

“Nigel Farage Doesn't Represent Britain:

The group accuses Nigel Farage of exploiting the turmoil he created to get himself re-elected to the European Union where he himself enjoys many benefits including high wages, pensions and a possible golden handshake worth over £175,000 along with other benefits such as private healthcare from the EU.


  1. This is brilliant, serves them right. All the Brexit Party will do will be to divide our country even further. This party (Farage) will continue to spout lies knowing that the working class will eat it up because they have nobody they can trust in Westminster to counteract this madness.

  2. Lol, these rightwing nut jobs are not going anywhere yet. Not as long as you have politicians like Jacob Reese-Mogg pulling their puppet strings. Sadly, it is people like Reese-Mogg who will be the only winners if we Brexit.


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