Goodbye Edge Restaurant


Edge Restaurant in Dorset

Sadly, it’s true, Edge Restaurant has come to the end of an era and it’s time to say goodbye. Edge will be closed from Monday 3rd October 2016.

When Edge Restaurant opened

When Steve Prior opened Edge Restaurant in 2009, almost immediately it was an overnight success providing Bournemouth and the surrounding area with something new and breaking the mould of more traditional restaurants in the area by serving European-inspired dishes and their own version of classic dishes created with the culinary expertise of the Edge chefs.

Superb selection of wines and drinks, and jazz

To accompany Edge's varied menu and extensive wine list, artisan cocktails were also thrown into the mix with a little live jazz and lounge music, all from a rooftop overlooking the Dorset coastline… this great combination resulted in what became one of the best restaurants in Bournemouth.

Why close Edge Restaurant?

Like most good things in life, there comes a time to say, “enough!” It was always the intention of Steve Prior that when that day came and te Edge team made the decision, they would close the restaurant on an all-time high, at the peak of their business, rather (like so many other restaurants) than wait until it lost its flavour (no pun intended).

A word of thanks

What makes a successful restaurant? the food, décor, location, and the right decisions, two key ingredients are the staff and the customers.

Our Staff

A good restaurant cannot be run without great staff and management, we have been extremely lucky to retain staff that have worked with us almost since the beginning. The team had extensive working knowledge of the hospitality industry and customer service. We thank them for their loyalty and hard work over the years.


To our customers, we could have never existed without your support, we hope your experience with us was a pleasant one and we hope that you will continue to have good memories of your many dining experiences spent at Edge Restaurant.

In closing

We also wish to thank all of our vendors whom we sourced our products that predominantly came from the local area of Dorset very rich in resources, also far and wide for other items.

Onwards and upwards!

Edge Restaurant













  1. Wow guys, I just saw this on my feed. I have eaten at Edge at least once every season. This is sad news. I wish you the best of luck on whatever course you take. Will there be another restaurant opening and what will happen to the old Edge venue?

  2. It’s true then.:( I can’t believe it. We were going to book our work Christmas party at Edge same as we last year.

    Sorry you are gone, good luck xx

  3. I think what they’re saying is a complete load of rubbish! You don’t close a good business! They have just advertised on Groupon and sold loads of vouchers for meals which now can’t be used!

  4. Regardless of the above comments this restaurant was by far the best restaurant in Bournemouth. I have eaten at the new Rick Stein restaurant much prefer Edge. You will be missed in Bournemouth.

  5. We were pre booked on Monday, with a groupon offer for four, to celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday. Turned up and the restaurant was locked. Thanks a lot! totally ruined the day. Hope I’m going to get my money back Groupon?

    • Hi Barbara, sorry for your experience, however, this website is not Edge Restaurant, it is a review site which also places announcements which this article is. Your comment is live.

  6. I work for a local solicitors and the entire company has been going to The Edge since 2011. Birthday parties, a wedding party, hen and stag nights, we have had several events at The Edge Restaurant.

    We will miss you Steve and the staff. Thanks for a wonderful restaurant and sorry about the complainers. We wish you luck with your new ventures. Stay in food please!

  7. Hi I have a voucher from a present I just went to online to book and find is close what can I do did I lost or I can get the money back..I had lovely dinners and lunches in there one of the best of restaurant arround Bournemouth food and service …Iam sad I was look foward to have a nice meal

  8. Very sad ! We have some lovely memories of Edge and we’re always impressed with the food and service ? …. a real shame, but good luck with whatever you choose to do in the future ??


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