Prelude No.10 du Grand Moulin 2010 Bordeaux


Prelude No.10 du Grand Moulin 2010 BordeauxThe Prelude No.10 du Grand Moulin emerges as an intriguing Bordeaux wine, initially suggesting a full-bodied experience that subtly transitions as the bouquet unfolds. Contrary to initial impressions, this wine gracefully embodies a light-medium body, making it a versatile companion to a variety of dishes, including pork and game, courtesy of its vibrant fruitiness. My tasting, paired with the sharp and intense flavours of Black Bomber cheese, accentuated the wine's inherent charm and compatibility with rich, bold flavours.


Prelude No.10 du Grand Moulin Tasting Notes

Prelude No.10 Bordeaux offers an enigmatic tasting journey, marked by a velvety smoothness that nods to its significant Merlot composition. The palate is treated to a symphony of dark fruits, with plum notes leading the ensemble, contributing to a ‘juicy' and engaging taste profile. This complexity is further enriched by its composition:

On further investigation (no information on the label) the ingredients are:

  • 70% Merlot: Imparts softness and depth, underlining the velvety texture and rich fruit flavours.
  • 25% Cabernet Sauvignon: Adds structure and a hint of spice, enhancing the wine's complexity.
  • 5% Malbec: Contributes to the wine's vibrant colour and adds a layer of plushness to the palate

Crafted by winemaker Jean-Francois Reaud at the esteemed Château Le Grand Moulin, located in the picturesque Saint Aubin de Blaye, this wine reflects the dedication and passion imbued in its creation. The vineyard's strategic location contributes to the distinctive profile of Prelude No.10, showcasing the terroir's unique influence on the wine's character.

My discovery of this wine during a visit to Carrefour in 2010, followed by a patient 5-year cellaring period (literally in a create under the stars), has been rewarded with a tasting experience that continues to unfold with complexity and grace. The Prelude No.10 du Grand Moulin 2010 Bordeaux aged quite well, revealing layers of flavour and texture that speak to the expertise behind its production.

In conclusion, the Prelude No.10 du Grand Moulin 2010 Bordeaux offers excellent value, perfectly suited for everyday enjoyment and informal gatherings. It's precisely the kind of versatile, approachable wine I like to have on hand for any occasion, showcasing that memorable wines don't have to break the bank.

Cheers to the understated elegance and shared moments this bottle brings to the table.


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