Day Trip to Sidmouth, East Devon

Last updated on July 22nd, 2019 at 06:11 pm

Crab on Sidmouth Beach in East DevonAn hour and a half drive from Bournemouth will take you to Sidmouth on the coast of East Devon. On entering Sidmouth it looks like any other seaside town in the South West. I had a couple of friends visiting from the States and we decided to squeeze out the last of the summer weather (semi-cloudy) and go there for the day.

Sidmouth is an older sort of English seaside town that really offers nothing whatsoever in the form of entertainment (nothing we could see) it’s strictly there for its beauty and beach. There is, however, a small play park for kids that appeared empty!

Devonshire cream tea in Sidmouth

During the afternoon we decided on cream tea, I’m not a huge fan of this custom but being in Devon, it seemed the proper thing to do. We went to the Mocha Restaurant on Prospect Place and placed our orders. Instead of tea, I had coffee with scones that are bigger than most, I have ever seen. The jam came in small glass jars which were a bit disappointing as I was hoping for some homemade jam.

Which is the proper way to prepare a scone – Jam or cream first?

Scones with cream and teaThe cream was, of course, Devonshire – Crème Anglais – I know there is some debate between Devon and Cornwall on which is the correct way to prepare these scones, whether you put the jam or the Devonshire cream first on the scone?  I wanted to ask but the waitresses seemed bored and probably not at all interested in the chicken and egg theory. I settled by putting the jam first followed by a healthy topping of Devonshire cream. (Or not so healthy as the case may be).

Cream tea or Brexit?

The experience of a cream tea is very civilized and eaten over small talk about such things as the British weather and the latest news. Today it was a discussion about Brexit, should we stay or should we remain, it made for a lively debate between a businessman who believed that remaining in the European Union was a good thing, and a much older man who thought leaving was good but did not know why.  The weather, in my opinion, was a far healthier topic at this point as there were a few mixed opinions emotions over the Brexit fiasco.

The cream tea was good and although nothing to write home about it did add to the Devonshire experience. I am informed by friends that there are better places to partake in this custom.

Sidmouth, a good place for a walk

If you like walking – I suspect we should have done this before the cream tea – then start on the Millennium Walkway which will take you almost the length of Sidmouth Beach. it’s quite beautiful and very refreshing, and of course, it lies on the Jurassic Coastline, and if you take the South West coastal path (about 45 minutes) you can visit the Sidmouth countryside which is run by the National Trust and is quite stunning.


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