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Last updated on March 17th, 2020 at 12:48 pm

The Rising Sun Sushi bar

Wow! Really! You know that usually, we leave the punchline to the end of our reviews but the Rising Sun sushi bar in Petts Wood Orpington deserves a thumbs up right from the get-go.

You’d never imagine whilst driving through this small town that you’d find such an authentic and excellent Sushi restaurant, but here it is. The Rising Sun that just happens to be located on Rice Parade (honestly and really a coincidence), is a small and intimate Sushi Bar – with just 8 seats you’ll have the best seat in the house no matter where you are seated!

That's ‘Mr Bond' to you

Born and raised in Tokyo, this talented Chef and Rising Sun owner, who when asked him name simply says with a grin, ‘Just call me BOND!’! He’s a humble yet brilliant Sushi chef who prefers to avoid the limelight – photos are not something he’d encourage (of himself at least). However, the food is so exquisite and so well-presented that you’ll find yourself wanting to snap a few shots for the mere beauty of the dishes that are served.

Rising Sun restaurant design

Chef says the restaurant was refurbished at the beginning of 2014 with the help of one of his clients who is an architect, and interior design was done by Chef’s wife who until recently also worked at the restaurant.

They’ve made good use of the space for though small, once inside it feels quite spacious – the simple yet modern décor helps here, and there’s a wonderful relaxed and cool ambience that’s created by the addition of some great jazz tunes which Chef says is a compilation created by a DJ he knows.

The Rising Sun menu

The Rising Sun has an extensive yet simple sushi menu, with the majority of their business being Sushi Takeaway. All the usual suspects are featured here, from sushi and sashimi, to inside-out and seaweed rolls too, but what makes this place so special are the great combinations that Chef has created over the years – more than likely to suit the British palette – I don’t imagine they’ll be using mayonnaise in their sushi rolls in Japan?

Of course, with us, our eyes are bigger than our stomach’s, but we want to make sure we cover all our bases and order the following:

Assorted sushi

The Assorted sushi plate – that’s 8 pieces of sushi – we select 2 of each of salmon, tuna, yellowtail and sea bream, and 1 inside-out roll of prawn tempura. Wow! The fish is so fresh, melts like butter as you bite into it. Absolutely exquisite. The inside-out roll is just wonderful with that combination of crunchy tempura batter and soft rice. Simply delicious.

Rock n’ Roll inside-out roll

We also order the Rock n’ Roll inside-out roll – yellowtail (which in my opinion is simply the best fish one can select for sushi), combined with spring onion, cucumber and mayonnaise. It’s sweet and creamy and oh so yummy.

Spider roll

We add a Spider Roll to the order – another favourite of mine – a soft-shell crab which I’ve eaten at some really excellent Sushi Restaurants in both Los Angeles and New York, and the Rising Sun's versions is right up there as one of the best I’ve tasted – I love that combination of flavours and warmth too!

Choosing the right quality of fish is the secret

The secret to the success of the Rising Sun surely must be the dedication that Chef puts into making sure his customers receive only the best quality sushi. He tells us he rises at 4am most mornings to head for Billingsgate (every day except Sunday and Monday when the market is closed), to be there in time to select the freshest and best fish he lays his eyes on. He won’t allow anyone else to choose the fish, for he knows what real quality is, and that’s clearly evident in the fish that he serves to his bountiful and committed customers.

Whilst we sat at the Sushi Bar there was a constant stream of customers streaming through the door to collect their Takeaway orders, and I can genuinely say that if I were local I’d be eating there at least twice a week. There’s just nowhere else quite like the Rising Sun in Orpington.

We also hear that Chef arranges a special event every month or so where he creates a special menu for the select few (well 8 actually)! Now that sounds like something that we’ll be enjoying in the months to come!

The Rising Sun
1 Rice Parade,
Petts Wood,
Kent, BR5 1EQ

Tel: 01689 890489

Rising Sun Takeaway Menu


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